This is a bit of an open journal in some ways, and a place for me to practice analytical or opinion style writing.  The main point of this is to improve my skills of articulation.  I believe when you write/draw/communicate something, rather than just thinking about it, it allows your mind to see the parts you don’t quite understand, better think about it in the future and add clarity to your processes.

I also believe the collaborative process to be integral to evolving ideas and thoughts and appreciate your feedback, comments, opinions or debates on this blog.

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I’ve a lot of terms I like using that I have either coined, or re-defined for my own needs.  I will try and document those here.

Introvoracious: Combination of introvert and voracious.  Firey outbursts with the preposition that introvert refers not to an inability to realte, but rather to the fact that each individual can never truly experience another’s reality.

Realiy-Imperialist: A reality-imperialist is someone that attempts to force their particular view on a range of things i nthe world around them on to others.  Evangelists are a perfect example of reality-imperialists, while someone who simply wishes to share their view of the world is not necessarily a reality-imperialist.  The notion of hell almost always leads to reality-imperialism, as hell is usually a concept used to manipulate another individual to believe something out of fear of eternal damnation.

Anthroperialist: The idea that human needs outweigh all other considerations.  Those humans and groups of humans that aim to pervert peer-reviewed science, campaign for immediate human interests (commonly from industry of one type or another) and put their idea of particular current human endeavours at the forefront are anthroperialists.  This refers to behaviour which ignores other immediate or long term parties, in favour of the extension of the human domain.

Subjectymology: Although every word has a specific meaning, it is naive to assume that everyone means the same thing when they use that word.  Language is very malleable, in that an individual’s understanding of language is made up of their own contexts.  Where they first heard it, how they use the word, etc.  Subjectymology refers to someone’s own Subjective Etymology of a word.

Remotard: Combination of Emo and Retard, but with quite colloquial ends.  The Emo part essentially refers to a selfish attitude towards emotional circumstances of any kind.  The Retard part refers to anyone with any kind of perceived or actual disability.

This term is used to refer to those who insist on making an able-bodied person always remember how privileged they are, for having a working body and brain, and demand attention upon themselves at all times, reminding anyone they can of how great it is that they can do anything.

This is a two faceted term.  One; there are many people who this does not apply to, this does not apply to the modest, of which most are, only the few egotists who would be wankers either way, and two; many people won’t say anything, as everybody wants to look as politically correct as possible.

Tendricle: Imagine an idea as an organic construct, growing with time.  New ideas that seed off an original concept are its tendricles, like a creature with infinite possibility to create new tentacles.

Interprawkward: Often people forget that there are in fact other minds outside of their own, with potentially completely different discourses of reality.  Often people are caught in interpreting other people’s action, emotions, reactions and desires from their own quintessentially subjective position.  People make up other people’s minds for them, without realising that’s what they’re doing.  Thinking that they know how someone will react to a certain thing, or thinking they know how someone else feels.

This leads people to this awkward feeling that I’m sure you might’ve felt at some point.  Where, due to a lack of self-confidence in your own convictions, or due to believing you are not adhering to expectations, you feel awkward about how something may be interpreted.  Interpreting awkward feelings, often quite unnecessarily.


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  1. Fred Myles
    Apr 14, 2010 @ 18:31:22

    I like these words. I will try to incorporate them into the modern vernacular.


  2. markbyrd
    May 14, 2010 @ 12:37:26

    May GOD Bless!!! Mark


  3. zenxi6
    May 14, 2010 @ 13:10:54

    And may the divine shine its light on your life in all ways too, Mark. 😉


  4. Max
    May 18, 2010 @ 10:32:05



  5. zenxi6
    May 18, 2010 @ 11:40:26

    Yes Max, but you don’t count. You’re not a cunt.


  6. Christopher Psyraver
    Jul 09, 2010 @ 00:07:18

    Hey Nick, we must catch up at a doof and discuss the Universe again soon.

    I’ve been checking out your blog. Interesting stuff.

    What can I say other than that I’m trying to get there myself, daily blogging on my own site, Laser Girl:

    We are all Laser People. Keep it up mate!

    See you on the dancefloor soon!!!


    • zenxi6
      Jul 09, 2010 @ 09:11:23

      Christophaaaaa sire, Oh, I have been watching and reading your blog 😉 I believe I have it linked on my own! Tihee. But yes, we should definitely catch up again sometime, under the stars, by a big fire, with big bass rumbling the Earth under us…


  7. Aday
    Mar 25, 2011 @ 12:10:57

    Check out Maslow’s Traits of Self Actualized People

    Does the Self Actualized person embodies another type?


  8. Damon
    May 27, 2011 @ 23:48:27

    Sklang Nick. I want to write so much right now. Tired eyes drone however, not to be ignored. Looks like the dictionary is a changer. Have you had a peepo at my own somewhat interpkward Sklangtionary? Mata ne mate.


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