You Didn’t Vote for Tony Abbott

If you don’t live in Warringah, you didn’t vote for Tony Abbott.

He should know this most of all… so claims like, “It’s the people that hire, and frankly it’s the people that should fire,” are preposterous. Especially considering he says that in regards to leadership speculation. The people who choose the Prime Minister are your elected representatives, not you. So, it is in fact the elected Liberal members who get to fire, if they so choose.

But all of this misses the point… and that point is that he is just a figurehead and it’s the policy that has made this government particularly unpopular.

But then that also misses the point, because policy is being created by what is meant to be a representative of the community, as elected by you (and me), the people. And not one of those representatives can meaningfully represent their 40k – 100k constituents.

So really, the point is… Why aren’t our elected officials doing the job that REALLY needs doing and looking to all we have learned over the past 100 years so that we can reform this shambles of a democracy so that it actually makes some semblance of sense once more?

That’s job number one for legislators who hold the control over the documents through which government is executed.


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