Enemies of Freedom

It’s taken me quite some time to put this in to action, but I think it’s a necessity.  For myself, and hopefully for you too.

This is an on-going list of organisations and individuals who I consider to be enemies of freedom.  Those who have one rigid definition of reality and wish that to be imposed upon all others.

Of course, the important thing to remember is that in the world, evil doesn’t really exist.  Evil, hate, hell, the devil etc. are all ideas created and proliferated by the same people claiming to defend and protect you against these things.  The same people that claim to have the “cure” or “answer” to these problems.  Funny that.

I’ll try and outline why the following organisations are enemies of freedom, what it is that they do to try and skew our shared reality, and any other particularly dangerous power/control activities they get up to.

Ok, here we go, in no particular order!

Salt Shakers


Names: Peter and Jenny Stokes – Founders.  Originally members of the Crossway Baptist Church.

Affiliations: www.resistancethinking.com – A sister website of the Salt Shakers, mostly blogs on news.

The Salt Shakers are essentially a lobby organisation for the most extreme right of Christians.  They aim to make sure their particular agenda is not only heard by the media, organisations (such as community groups, NFPO and business) and government, but also that it is acted upon.

This isn’t a group that is interested in debate on the issues they choose to proselytize.  They know they’re right and have links to people who do things like reinterpret data to fulfill their agenda.

Although I believe it is important to be critical of any data, because social data is all about interpretation, I think THAT is the important thing to remember.  Don’t presume a group with particular biases relating to the research will have more accurate answers, because they go into that looking to prove a point, rather than try their best to objectively interpret the data, which is what good statisticians do.

Catch The Fire Ministries


Names: Rev. Daniel Nalliah


Family First – Australian Christian conservative political party

Rise Up Australia

Here’s a guy who’s a bit of a fan of absurd claims of divine intervention, as well as emotively offensive claims of God’s “hatred” toward those who don’t abide by “His will”, which apparently is defined by the very HUMAN leader of just-another-boring-Christian-ministry.

Catch The Fire Ministries is headed up by the Rev. Daniel Nalliah, who is a climate change sceptic and generally offensive human being, when discussing divine actions.

Daniel also scored himself a Gold Ernie in 2009, for having the most sexist comments of the year, by claiming that he had prophetic visions telling him the horrific fires of 2009 were due to Victoria’s abortion laws and God reaping vengence on us.

Catch The Fire have a tendency toward the offensively moral high ground, not only looking to attack and stop certain laws in Victoria and Australia, but looking to do so through misleading people’s divinity.

Endeavour Forum

“We believe that men and women are equal but different not equal and the same.”


Names: (The Late) Charles Francis QC.  The guy behind a lot of legal cases regarding anti-abortion folk and their inevitable harassment cases.  Babette Francis, his wife.

Affiliations: This mob have a delightful little list of “kindred organisations”, so, here’s the lot!
Abortion/Breast Cancer
Australian Family Association
Breast Cancer Prevention Site
Barnes Ratt Till Foraldrarnas Tid
(The Sewdish Association of Children’s Rights to their Parents)

Brent Rooney’s Breast Cancer Prevention Site
Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation
Christian Democrats Party
Day Cares Don’t Care
Drug Advisory Council of Australia
Eagle Forum
Family Council of Victoria
Family Voice Australia
Howard Centre
Human Life International
John Kindley’s Website
Mermucan Institute of Men’s Studies
Population Research Institute
Pro-Life Victoria
Salt Shakers
United Kingdom Men’s Movement
Women For Life International
World Congress of the Family

I think the quote under the heading here says all that needs to be said about this mob really.  Let’s read it once more…

“We believe that men and women are equal but different not equal and the same.”

Now, the between the lines part here is in the rest of their beliefs.  They say a few illuminating things on their website, like:

“While militant feminism did address some legitimate grievances, it went too far getting into issues like abortion, equal opportunity and affirmative action.  There was a need to defend the legitimate rights of traditional women in families and the rights of male breadwinners to get jobs.”

Essentially, what they mean is that women and men are not equal and not the same.  They disagree with equal rights for women and disagree with women’s rights.

This is fairly standard in the archaic conservative “family” movement, and I must use that term loosely, because to let them have the word family takes it away from all the other legitimate forms of family out there, whether they be monogamous or polyamorous, hetero or homo, single or otherwise.  Don’t let groups like this have that word, because family is something so important to everyone, and should never be ridiculed by naive organisations who think their way is the only way.

Population Research Institute


Names: Father Paul Marx, founder and pioneer of the so-called “pro-life” movement.  Steven W. Mosher, current president and writer on population control in China.

Affiliations: Human Life International

Such emotive and misleading names are typical of these types of organisations.  Often they have a tendency to have a few issues where you kind of vaguely nod your head in agreement to, and then others that just perplex.

The Population Research Institute makes some interesting point on the over-population argument.  From all my readings, there is a viable debate on population issues, but the problem that I keep coming across is that using current consumption figures per person, and the technologies we currently have available and are using, we do have a serious sustainable population issue, due to the energy requirements of more people, the general consumption requirements of more people (don’t forget a flat screen 3D TV for everyone!) and other such issues.

I also believe that programs such as forced-sterilization are disgusting abuses of power and put serious power into the hands of businesses and government in terms of potential eugenics misuses.

But, let’s look at the context of this organisation.  This is an organisation founded by the world’s pioneer of the “pro-life” movement, which has at its core blocking abortion and euthanasia, and taking the rights of the individual away due to some subjective opinion of what divinity is and applying very anthropocentric expectations of that divine entity to life.

Drug Free Australia


Names: Craig Thompson – president, magistrate; Gary Christian; Brian Watters – Salvation Army major; Graeme Rule; Herschel Mills Baker – member of Tough Love; Peter Phillips; Isobel Gawler; John Barich; Melvin Freestone; Paul Russell; Josephine Baxter


One of the organisations of primary interest to me and a great distorter of facts in the quest for control over other’s lives and bodies.

This is an anti-harm minimisation, religiously motivated, reality-imperialist organisation.  You’ll find all kinds of outlandish and emotive content relating to this organisation and on this organisation’s website.  Quotes from some of the above listed people range from mildly absurd to border-line utter nutbag, all are emotive and based on steering opinion around any actual debate so they can paint their black and white, evil and good war-picture.

Here’s a few quotes:

“It is clear that stricter laws reduce drug experimentation.” – Craig Thompson DFA

America alone now spends over $14Bn per year on drug control and policing, not including the cost of incarcerating the 60% of American prisoners who are in jail for non-violent drug crimes only, nor the local expenditure from states etc.

The use of drugs over the entire U.S. population has statistically increased by 10% since the late 70’s.

One quick thing to remember with taboo things like drugs is that people have a tendency to lie or not mention everything when relating to government statistic collection, whether that be through a census or through health figures from hospitals and doctors.  The “War On Drugs” feeds a fear in people, a fear of being incarcerated or stigmatised from their family, friends and community.  Take note here – It’s not the DRUGS that create the taboo here, it’s the attitude toward them (the so called war).  Let me not dimish the problems that are actually associated with addiction and abuse here, because there are very real problems associated with some substances and individuals, but this lump category along with its lump myths and the emotive fear around it create far more problems than actually should exist.

“Given that the US is making better headway than Australia, in both binge drinking and illicit drug use among its young people, we should be looking more closely at what is working there.” – Jo Baxter, DFA

“Those of us who have worked in the field for many years know that marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’.” – Brian Watters, DFA

Breakdown of the gateway drug argument.

The idea is that taking one substance leads to taking another through… ummm… magic, I guess.

Ok, ok, taking it seriously for a second, the idea of a gateway drug is actual a social phenomenon rather than any thing to do with a substance.  In this case though, pretty much everything can be construed as “gateway” to all kinds of things.  What about tobacco and alcohol as gateways to heroin?  I bet ya statistics will back me up in showing that most, if not all heroin users also use alcohol or tobacco, or have at some point in their life.  So, to curb heroin use, we should ban alcohol and tobacco!  Logicfail.

But, the anti-drug movement is rife with emotive and ridiculous statements like this, and organisations like DFA are on the PR and politics path to shove these things into your brains while bypassing your critical thinking circuit by alighting your emotional circuits, so you’re worried about the moral decay of society, the guy that took drugs and is in a mental institution because he thinks he’s a glass of orange juice, and that friend of a friend that killed themselves, because they smoked some drugs and it made them go crazy.  (Perhaps unneccessary stigma from family, relating back to bullcrap from organisations such as DFA helped that?  Perhaps a family break up was already leading to depression that was unhandleable by the individual due to a lack of good mental health care for the individual?  Perhaps a myriad of other reasons as to why somebody chose to kill themselves, and perhaps the drugs were just… something fun to do while listening to their Pink Floyd albums or whatever… sheesh.)

The Australian Family Association


Names: Sophie Mirabella



9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ella
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 17:06:34

    You can add Monsanto to this list as an enemy of food freedom


  2. zenxi6
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 09:10:07

    Ohh yeah, this is only the start of my list. I’ll be taking a look at drug organisations, food organisations, religious organisations…. It’ll take time, but you watch and wait.


  3. dickohead
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 16:58:38

    Typo: “The _Sale_ Shakers are essentially a lobby organisation”

    Love your work.


  4. rb
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 19:55:17

    +1 Monsanto


  5. Christopher Psyraver
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 23:32:15

    Try the top 4 groups of companies that donate to Australian political parties:
    1. Tobacco
    2. Alcohol
    3. Mining
    4. Construction
    No wonder they wield so much unfair influence in our society!

    I think gambling businesses (e.g. Crown Casino) should definitely be on your list for sucking money from those who are most susceptible to their evil charms!

    Keep up the great work Nick. Love & light.


    • zenxi6
      Feb 09, 2011 @ 09:05:07

      That’s a very good idea Chris. Essentially my list is all about those loud minorities who tend to turn our democracy into a lobbyocracy, and yell and scream for their way, whether that be an economic deesire or a moral desire.

      Luckily, with the moral ones, most people who don’t care about politics do care about being told how to live their lives, unfortunately with the economic ones, people’s apathy takes over and they figure it won’t affect them, or they see and hear and read spin on it and believe that.

      The problem is that the government is focussed on economy rather than society as a whole, so often the spin of the companies and corporation fits in with the spin of the government.

      Gambling is one of those issues that I believe goes along side sex work and drugs in current contentiousness toward people’s intention vs. outcome. We often become confused and try to restrict people’s rights based on an emotive response.

      But then – the other problem is – Is someone expressing their FREEDOM to do something, if they are in a position where they believe that a problem (such as self-esteem, financial etc..) can be FIXED through the participation in one of these topics.
      Is one FREE to do something, if they are in a position where they have been convinced that is the solution to their problem, but if they had no problem would not go down that trail in the first place?

      Thanks Chris. Food for thought.


  6. Brent
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 15:22:42

    Nice work.


  7. Kieran
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 14:10:36

    Mr. Wallis

    I have begun reading “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins this week and came across something you may find interesting (that is if your research has not lead you to it already);


    In a nutshell, this Christian Based church in Mexico, the “União do Vegetal” won an appeal against the United States Supreme Court to be able to ritualistically use a prohibited drug, dimethyltryptamine in their ceremonies, as this is how they “understand” their god.

    I’ll leave this open for discussion from here, KiZ


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