The Loom

The creature that exists below the surface of the water.  Living and dying in the vast wetness, never knows the feelings of the landfolk. 
The creature with few cells working together has very limited sensory experience.
The tree that stands for hundreds of years comprehends a very different world from that of the catepillar, eating its leaves. 
Every uttered piece of communicatory data weaves interconnected worlds. 

Looking backward from this very moment – every single thing in the Universe has interweaved to create what you experience now.

The human who knew the world was flat, who knew beyond the forest lurked monsters and mayhems comprehended a much different world from the one you do now. 

The comprehension you have now also knows a horizon.  The surface of the water, the conglomeration of cells, the lifespan and force of the tree, all the communicated data in one place, the falling of the fourth dimensional barrier and this moment.  The horizon is a place of infinite possibility, as all horizons tend to seem before we reach them.

What lies beyond?  What lies outside the dark, further than the light? 

Consciousness everywhere… I address you.  Don’t be afraid of the bubble’s boundaries.  Don’t let the bubble crush you.  End the dichotomic split of ideal, the controlling memetic subrhythm, pulsing through the fourth dimension for some human based time now…

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


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