Because one of the key arguments government and non-profit organisations that claim to be ‘fighting against drugs’ raise constantly is the idea that, “You don’t know what you’re getting”.

Pointing out a problem of miseducation and ignorance which, they essentially have created and fostered.

So, fuck them.  Go get educated, don’t be some stupid statistic, know what you’re doing, should you decide to veto the law.

The future should be paved with intelligent debate on topics, with the destruction of ignorance in the face of further education, not in emotive responses more keen to please one persons primal response, than discuss a complicated multi-faceted issue.

Entheogenesis Australis Conference

Coming to Melbourne University on the 4th and 5th of December, the Entheogenesis Conference is a key event in the Australian Psychedelic community.  Rick Doblin (MAPS) will be headlining the conference this year.



One of the key (not for profit) organisations for unbiased, raw information, primary data and an excellent amount of collated information from all sorts of other sources.

Also one of the only organisations I finanically support through donations.

Magic Mushrooms Shroomery


An excellent resource for everything mushroom.  Not just the psychedelic kind either, this website consists of a very active community on the forum, including mycologists and scientists.  But, keep in mind, don’t trust everything you find on the internet!  Tread carefully, as always.

MAPS: Multi-disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies

Supporting Psychedelic science in the 21st Century.  MAPS is a not for profit support organisation for scientists worldwide, to help with funding, obtaining permission to research substances and to act as a media base for spreading outcomes of research.

Harm Reduction Victoria

Victoria’s harm reduction organisation, promoting harm-reduction policy in Victoria through projects like Dancewise, Hep C prevention programs and Overdose prevention programs among a few others.  Not particularly well funded, considering the scale of the project at hand, so well worth supporting in any way you can.


Younger Brother new album

Younger Brother’s third album is out soon, and you can pledge money to them and get it as soon as it’s out.  There are plenty of other things you can get on the website too, the idea is that they’ll raise enough money to tour without having to go through a label.

Some of my favourite memories, especially of solo bike rides through the spring sun, beside rivers and amongst the trees, are associated with Younger Brothers two previous albums.  I hope they have made something beautiful and inspiring once more.




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  1. Christopher Psyraver
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 16:16:53

    Very handy page of resources man! I love them all!!!


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