Neural Loops and Culture-Control

I’m curious – if you have an answer, thought or would care to ponder on this, please post. 
I try to pay particular attention to the memories I think of at certain times, and why that neural connection happens to happen then.  Most of the time, I am not thinking actively about memories.  There are some that recur over and over in my mind – perhaps important ones, pleasurable ones or memories that my mind decides require immediate attention.  This means the past is a forever shifting and changing neural connection in my mind – depending on what is happening in the now (ie. The sensory input of the time), and what is being consciously accessed at the time (and probably unconsciously accessed too).  A particularly interesting episode of ABC RN’s ‘All In The Mind’ spoke of a trend in the early ‘90’s of people ‘accessing’ repressed memories.  At this time, droves of people started reporting repressed sexual exploitation scenarios… usually involving someone close to them – such as a parent or guardian.  Because of the research of the time, people started to be tried for these newly found (or remembered?) memories.  However, one parent accused of sexually exploiting their child took to this memory war, saying that no such thing had happened.  After a while of campaigning, new research emerged showing that many psychologists involved with this repressed-memory recovery had been priming the patients toward repressed sexual experiences, driving them to believe they had uncovered a memory that did no in fact exist. 

I am less and less confident in my own grasp on what exactly is going on… not because I feel incapable of living every day life, but because it is very easy to see the flaws and limits of the human brain’s data-processing capacity.


I have also noticed that it is easy to ‘play’ with this memory-priming, fake repression facet.  Physical objects, places and people tend to be triggers for activating a memory that one may not have come across for a while.  Perhaps the particular sensory path of that thing/place/person is where the memory lies – and it can only be activated when you activate that path with appropriate sensory data (any neuroscientists out there care to clean up my mumbo jumbo?  DO I have any neuroscientist friends??  Lol)…
But, when you do uncover this path, it is also being experienced alongside the momentary sensory input, and is all being processed by your NOW mind.  (ie. Your mind right now… at this very poinT!)… so you have the power to affect this memory.  You can attach anything you like to it – and if you BELIEVE it enough, then you can make it seem real (I recommend keeping your wits about you… this is a practice-game… so you can try and learn to keep your wits about you and keep critical at all times, even of your own assured-self!). 

It seems that thoughts run in what many people describe as ‘loops’.  I suppose this is somewhat how memory works – a signal passes through the appropriate neuro-circuitry over and over and over, probably at ridiculously fast speeds to ensure it is imprinted.  If it is not important enough, then I suppose the signal eventually fades as other signals take priority – but sometimes people are quite aware of this ‘loop’ in memory – some describe feeling ‘stuck’ in a moment, or feeling like they are stuck in a thought or a game-world or something else rigidly structured. 

It feels to me that paranoid delusions, grandiose thoughts and anxiety all come from an over-bearing sense of the thought-loop.  Over and over and around and around it goes – it is not the loop that is the problem, as it seems to be that this always happens, but rather the inability to drop an unimportant loop or add new things to create new loops (let’s call this addition of new loops a spiral, as the thought becomes three dimensional, rather than two dimensional).

Recently I noticed an experience while playing Mario Party on the Nintendo 64 – A game I have probably not played for around 10 years.  While playing it, one scene sent a shiver down my spine.  If you know the game, it is a scene in one of the levels where you speak to a Shyguy, who forces a lottery upon you, and if a flower pops up with a Toad on it, then you are free to go.  For whatever reason, from this point forward, this whole game took on a dark tone – it felt like I had had a nightmare about it.. but a hellishly real nightmare about it – and most certainly an ineffable nightmare about it.  Because I couldn’t and can’t put my finger on what made it so frightening. 


I have had two thoughts about this – is it possible that I have, in fact had a nightmare involving this game, whereby other memory paths more appropriate to horrible thoughts were activated at the same time as this thought, thus instilling a correlation between the game and this nightmare?  Or, is it possible that at that point, my mind just decided to take a hellish bend and play some kind of devil’s déjà vu on me?


This is just one example of something that has intrigued me of late.  Reminiscing is that act of more than one source actively discussing memories to correlate data. 


Culture is the sum of all reminisced data.  Society runs on culture, like an operating system.  And each brain is a processor in the whole – alongside all the information holding devices we have devised (language and communication being the biggest of these).  As far as I can gather, the individual as we know it needs to be redefined, because it seems to me that we are perpetuating an idea of the infinite individual.  And this infinity has caused calculating problems for the individual, thus leading on to greater problems for the machine as a whole.  There is no human individual as we know it, without other human individuals that have primed the individual with data – as well as the locations and objects – we have communication, we have the act of correlating data with eachother.  Surely, this is the premise of the scientific method – to correlate sensory data with another in a fashion that can be repeated by another, should they so choose?  


But, there’s something that perhaps the reaches of science have not yet stumbled. 

Every idea – every thought, every word… everything uttered has power – and the more people that share it, the more power it accumulates.  Through this, the machine may be directed or manipulated – Think here of God – the question of God… what is God?  What is this concept?  Through this unknown and undefinable concept, every single mind has the ability to fathom exactly what they think it is – but, our animal nature also ensures our tribal understanding of social connection, so link the two and you can create hierarchies through which to disseminate a universal policing type force.  A concept that can control people’s actions (to an extent) and allow for a social hierarchy that exists outside of the individual’s lifespan. 


It seems to me that the entirety of the idea of God links back to the loops, links back to the way memory works and reality is perceived.  The concept here is one which aims to prime memories toward one or another, and thus aims to control the understanding of reality at any one moment (depending on whose God we’re talking about here, mind you). 


The importance of the human individual is key to the current orthodox philosophy of human object-connection and interaction – ie. Our economic world.  This has grown up alongside the concept the tribal God concept.  It seems that our precursor tribes generally act in imperial ways – take land, take resources, grow their influence, grow their overall Earth manipulative capacity – thus allowing for greater and greater levels of control over the Earth and all it holds, allowing for longer lifespans, greater material wealth and further exploration.  The imperialist seems to work on a mindset that there is always more for the taking.

Like our short lived memory-loops, so too does the world seem to be on a loop from the perspective of the individual brain.  It replenishes itself and thus we may take again. 


I’ve diverged.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


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